In the U.S., divisions between Democrats and Republicans over political values have reached record levels, according to the Pew Research Center. Through this political polarization, people on one political side often see the other side not just as wrong and misguided, but as ill-motivated and threatening.

To combat this issue, NCFR Fellow Bill Doherty, Ph.D., cofounded Better Angels, a citizen initiative that brings together people of conservative and liberal political ideologies to counteract political polarization. Dr. Doherty has brought ideas from the Family Science discipline into his work with Better Angels and applied the ideas to a wide-reaching societal issue.

This webinar is intended to help family professionals and scholars learn about the issue of political polarization and how to address it within organizations and families.

Approved for 1.5 hours of CFLE continuing education credit.

Webinar date: July 18, 2019

Fee: $25 for NCFR student members / $45 for NCFR members / $85 for nonmembers