Presenters Chelsea Spencer, M.S., Bryan Cafferky, Ph.D., and Sandra Stith, Ph.D., will begin with a discussion of the importance of selecting an appropriate question to study. Each presenter will talk about how they determine the question they want to answer.

Next, they will provide guidance for choosing key words for your literature search and offer suggestions for careful documentation of articles you include or exclude. They will offer suggestions for developing a code-book to use to enter data and for selecting and training a research team to assist with searches and coding. They will then discuss which software they use to conduct their meta-analyses and how the software helps them in their work.

Finally, the presenters will suggest ways to ensure that a meta-analysis for which you work so hard to collect data can become the beginning of a trajectory for an ongoing research agenda.

Approved for 1.5 CFLE contact hour of continuing education credit.

Webinar date: October 11, 2017